About Me

Dreams are the most important thing to me so let me start off by saying I plan on traveling the world one day. I’m a dreamer and am working on becoming more of a do-er. I dream so big I stress myself out because I don’t know how I will be able to make all these things happen before I die. I want to bungee jump off the highest drop in New Zealand, skydive, ride in a hot air balloon, buy an expensive telescope, and so much more. I know it is very possible to do all the things I want to do but I know everything I want in life will take a lot of hard work. It is a good thing I am becoming more of a hard worker each and every day. Independent as well. I can be restless. I have a love for astronomy, poetry, music, and dance. I am extremely obsessed with Harry Potter. My love for it is deep. Harry Potter books honestly helped me through some of the hardest times of my life when I was growing up. I would like to one day personally thank J.K. Rowling for her gift to the world. I am a hopeless romantic. I enjoy the simple things in life. Tea or coffee with a good friend and conversation makes me happy. I love trying new foods. If I could maintain a family and be a traveling food critic, model, actress, astronomer, and business women I would but I can’t do everything right? I can’t be Superwoman but I aspire to get pretty darn close. I see more clarity in the world than ever before but what I see scares me. I want to believe that all people are good because I am naturally kind and generous but my view of the world continues to be be proven wrong time and time again. I am 24 years young and want to make a contribution to the world.


2 thoughts on “About Me

  1. Hi! will you write a more in-depth post about moving to california – the advantages and disadvanatges, observations, differences between michigan (in terms of people, life, everything), what should someone moving there know and expect, what are your personal stories, would you stay there for life.. anything and everything you can tell me, please do!! pictures are a plus 🙂

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