I don’t believe eyes are the windows to our soul anymore. Because I looked in the devil’s eyes and bought all his lies.-J.K. Mann @keep_calm_mann


Happy Birthday Dad

Your physical body may have left this Earth but your spirit resides inside my soul. People say I remind them of you and it always makes me smile because you are exactly who I want to embody. You are me, and I am you. Imperfect, adventurous, carefree, and so in love with life. If I had a chance I would’ve cared for my family like you cared for yours but dynamics changed and it all became so strange. I looked around and no one but Mom came. Dad, I hated myself for years but I fought through the tears. I love myself even more now when I remember I am my father’s daughter. All your negatives and positives I want to foster. P.S. I know you totally dig my new tattoos. The roman numeral seven’s just for you 😉