Breaking Bread

I’ve already dealt with the demon’s inside my head. I’ll be damned if I have to deal with the ones you bring to the table while we’re breaking bread-J.K. Mann @keep_calm_mann


How to drive a girl nuts: Harry Potter Edition

1) Wink at her and then a few weeks later when you see her again don’t even blink as if she’s wearing an invisibility cloak.

2) Take her breath and never give it back to her like you’re a freaking dementor.

3) Smile at her like she’s whole your world, change your mind a few weeks later and tell her you’d rather smile at the rest of the muggle world.

4)Make her feel like Fleur but treat her like Lavender. -J.K. Mann @Keep_calm_mann

The Lost Art Of Disappearing

The Lost Art Of Disappearing


The other night I did one of my favorite things, and watched an old black & white movie on Turner Classic Movies. It took place in the 1960’s. In the movie, the lead character just kind of disappeared. He needed to clear his head, so he left a business meeting, and wasn’t heard from for a week. Everybody was wondering, “Where is he?” And his co-workers had to make all these excuses to cover for him. Nobody knew where he was! And no one could do anything about it. That was the whole beauty of it. It made me think about modern times and how were so accessible all the time. The phone is always by our side, like it’s a significant other. People go on it while their driving, taking a shower, and take it to the beach with them. You can barely watch a TV show nowadays that…

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Dating in LA

The guy who takes you out on a date only to try and take you home isn’t nice. Nice is the guy who doesn’t take you out and tells you he’s only looking for a booty call. That’s the kind of generosity we hope to comes across in this city after all . That’s the kind of brutal honesty we want these days. Don’t waste her precious time sweet talking or cuddling her only to turn a cold shoulder when you get bored of her ways. -J.K. Mann @Keep_Calm_Mann

Waiting for a text

She stays awake hoping her phone will light up but she knows good and well that won’t be the case. He’s not the one to surprise a girl, he’s just an average guy who doesn’t want to be a part of her world. Perfectly imperfect and yet she can’t control how fast her heart beats when she hears his name. It’s enough to drive a girl insane but that’s not where she’s at. Even for her, enough time has passed. It’s far from over and that’s a fact.-J.K.Mann @Keep_Calm_Mann