Fallback Game

Tell me you cut me off for all the wrong reasons. I want to know you are capable of treason.Tell me you’re a selfish jerk with only your desires and interests in mind. Tell me this so I no longer think you’re kind. Say it was all about being with as many girls as possible. Tell me this so I can walk past the line that seems uncrossable.

For Christs sake, open up to me and tell me what’s going through your head. Tell me how you want to take the entire town to bed. Tell me it had nothing to do with me because I believe you care about me, even if slightly. But that is my reality and I need you to change that for me. It’s that much harder to move forward when my mind is telling me you have a good heart. Because the way you ignore me must be your way of protecting me from getting hurt.

If my reality is accurate then I guess I should thank you for having my best interest at heart as well as yours. Now it’s about time I closed the doors.


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