You made me famous baby, telling the whole town I’m crazy- J.K. Mann @Keep_calm_mann

If you’re going to run around looking for love, an imposter in disguise might just run after you- J.K. Mann @Keep_calm_mann


Look Within

If you’re going to run around looking for love it’s going to run away from you…as fast as it can. Don’t be that person. -J.K. Mann @keep_calm_mann

Fallback Game

Tell me you cut me off for all the wrong reasons. I want to know you are capable of treason.Tell me you’re a selfish jerk with only your desires and interests in mind. Tell me this so I no longer think you’re kind. Say it was all about being with as many girls as possible. Tell me this so I can walk past the line that seems uncrossable.

For Christs sake, open up to me and tell me what’s going through your head. Tell me how you want to take the entire town to bed. Tell me it had nothing to do with me because I believe you care about me, even if slightly. But that is my reality and I need you to change that for me. It’s that much harder to move forward when my mind is telling me you have a good heart. Because the way you ignore me must be your way of protecting me from getting hurt.

If my reality is accurate then I guess I should thank you for having my best interest at heart as well as yours. Now it’s about time I closed the doors.

Maybe I’m crazy

Who hurt you so badly that you cannot give me a chance? I wish I could heal you but I am only human. I wish I could eliminate it from the depths of your soul and recharge you for a fresh new beginning but I guess that’s not how life goes. We all want moments of freedom and exploration but at the end of the day we were made for so much more. I was always an open book but you are so much more. I can’t break down the barriers but perhaps one day someone else can. Maybe I’m crazy or maybe it was really magic, I’ll never know because you don’t ever open up to me. Whatever we are isn’t powerful enough to take away the pain and fear you’re covering up but then again I know we both would prefer to have some fun anyway.-Jasmine Mann @Keep_Calm_Mann

Vietnamese Coffee

Never have Vietnamese coffee on a Friday afternoon. You’ll be up till 7 am the next day contemplating all your life’s decisions and wondering why you’re so screwed up.

What I learned tonight:

1) You can’t control any situation. Who likes you, when they like you, how much they like you. Stop trying. Let it go.

2) You have every right to be selfish after giving to others all these years. Just know this might cause you to lose a lot of friends.

3) Not everyone’s going to like you but that’s okay. You’ll survive.

4) Take it one day at a time

5) The cost of marching to the beat of your own drum is being a lone soldier.  Accept yourself.

6) Put yourself first. Always do everything for you and no one else because otherwise you are setting yourself up for dissapointment.