2 thoughts on “Photo Shoot with Tiffany

  1. Hey! Maybe this is an odd question but I’m thinking of moving to California with my boyfriend… the problem is, I’m a very insecure girl and I’ve been told all the girls in SoCal are stunning! At MSU, I was considered a very attractive girl (much like you) I’m worried about all of a sudden being considered unattractive in comparison to all the wealthy, fashionista, beach blondes and what not. How do you feel having moved from East Lansing to SoCal? Please give me any info you can 😦

    1. I don’t think you should worry or care too much about your appearance. Be confident. Everyone is beautiful in their own way. I honestly believe that. So cliche but beauty on the outside doesn’t truly matter if you’re soul is tarnished. I think if you are beautiful on the inside you will shine on the outside. Who cares about wealthy, fashionista blonde bombshells? Forget about em.

      And California is incredible! There are so many people from various backgrounds, so many activities, outdoor fun, etc. It’s a move worth making 🙂

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