Goji Berry Smoothie

Goji Berry Smoothie

I put this guy together today.

I normally make horrible tasting smoothies because I up the greens and leave out the fruits….I hear you get used to it but I made something actually tasty/healthy today so I had to share the recipe!

If you have raw goji berries sitting around like I did this is perfect! If not, go get some. The health benefits alone should make you want to purchase them. I found they are very tart to eat alone and that’s why I incorporated them into my smoothie.

Everything I used was all natural, no added sugars:

Coconut Milk
Goji Berries
Wheatgrass powder
1 banana
Mango juice
Sprinkle some chia seeds on top and there you have it! 🙂


Eggs Benedict

I don’t watch tv much but glad I tuned into a random episode on the food network on a particularly warm summer day. A lady was teaching me how to make eggs benedict.  I had tried poached eggs a few years ago and wasn’t a fan of the runny yolk. I thought eggs benedict couldn’t be much more appealing to me but cooking is a form of art and boy was she an artist. She made these eggs benedict look so exquisite. My mouth was watering as I’m sure many of yours do too while watching anything on the food network. I moved to California a few months later and went to a cute local cafe called the Blackbird Cafe. Eggs benedict was on the menu. Life changing moment. Where had this been all my life? The usual scrambled eggs was off my list! After that my roommate and I went to brunch a few times at 4-5 other cafes with eggs benedict always on the menu (Thank Goodness). If it was on the menu we HAD to have it. Do we get sick of it? No. The secret to eggs benedict is not only in how you prepare the egg but the savory hollandaise sauce. We found that every cafe has their own way of making the sauce so every eggs benedict experience is brand new. Diversity at it’s finest!   Update: Belmont Brewing Company in Long Beach has amazing Eggs Benny and their scalloped potatoes are to die for!