In 6’th grade some kid called me Osama Bin Laden’s daughter (he was Chaldean). Some other kid referred to me as burnt toast. Kids are cruel but at least I learned a harsh reality. Racism definitely still exists. There were countless moments similar to these which I endured but those children lit a fire in my heart. Because of them I was given the most powerful drive to get out of that small town which I am so grateful for now. They opened my eyes up to exploring the rest of the world and meeting people who are open minded and welcoming to all cultures and religions. I wonder what those kids think about her winning? Yes, kids are cruel….but apparently so are the adults that are making hateful comments towards Miss America. She’s not Arab. She’s not a terrorist even if she was. Etc…Etc……..There’s no point in me even going on because those of you who are intelligent already know these things. Proud of this girl representing America and India. How inspiring!


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