The 4 Desi Girls You Will Meet in College

The Insecure Diva: This girl takes a million more pictures than the typical brown girl (Impossible, right?)  There’s nothing to her. She has no personality. She’s completely two-dimensional and lives to know everything about everyone so you can’t trust her. If you can’t trust her how can you be friends with her? You may still give her a chance but her personality is too ridiculous for your liking and she will end up screwing you over by telling people about your personal life. She is so insecure she wants to be friends with everyone and tries way too hard to make it happen. She is on her way to being the typical gossiping aunty. But you can count on her to tell everyone about this blog post.

The Trust Fund Baby: She will be one of your closest friends until you refuse to drink with her and her friends. They will spend 7 days a week socializing to the point of failing most of their classes but that won’t mean a thing because her parents will still be able to support her.  You may even try to re-kindle a friendship but she won’t give a single crap or put in any effort. You’re not about that life so you go your separate ways. You learn true friends are more few and rare than you imagined.

Satan’s Spawn: The devil takes human form in this girl. She’s your very own Regina George except unpopular and you have no interest in copying her or trying to be friends with her.  In fact she has no true friends. She lives to make everyone miserable by spreading lies about them. She will attack you because she is a shallow, manipulative, heartless pathological liar. However, she will teach you to be confidant in yourself and you will become happier than ever.

The Self-Assigned Hot Girl: This girl will think she’s the hottest thing to hit the campus. She will be president of everything possible in order to boss people around and make her resume look good because that’s all she cares about. She will have a group of friends with similar interests who pretend to like each other and talk behind each other’s backs. She will think she’s above everyone and rate girls on their appearances and talk about how ugly they are. How she has a boyfriend who puts up with her is a mystery to everyone.


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