My Grocery List

For those of you wanting to give healthy eating a shot here is my grocery list. I haven’t narrowed it down to specifics in terms of quantity but I will soon do that. Eating healthy can be a little more pricey but it is very much worth it. Saving money by eating fast food is not worth ruining your health, losing energy, etc.

I began juicing about a month ago and absolutely love it. It’s takes a total of 5 mins to wash the fruits and veggies, and clean the juicer.

Grocery List        
  Juice Ingredients: kale    
    wheatgrass powder  
  Granola Bowl: low sugar natural granola 
    various fruit    
    almond milk  
    AND/OR greek yogurt  
    chia seeds    
  Smoothie Ingredients bananas    
    spinach leaves  
  Snack Ingredients Almond Butter  
    Wheat crackers  
    Wheat Bread  
    Raw Nuts    
  Dinner Turkey Burgers  
    Boneless Chicken  
    Wheat Pasta  
    Black Beans    
    Sweet Potatoes  
    Forbidden Rice  
    Rice Paper    
  Mugcake Ingredients: coconut flour  
    vanilla extract  
    baking powder  
    sweetner of choice (apple sauce)
    cocao powder  
    coconut oil    



Coming to a close

As my college years come to a close I look back and reflect on them with a heavy heart.

Where to start…

Do I wish I could go back and change the way I did some things?

Absolutely, I’d be lying if I said no.

Did I have the time of my life and will I remember these as the best years of my life?

Definitely and most likely. For this reason I want the last few months to move in slow motion. LIke a crippled snail :p

I can feel it is time for me to leave and I am ready. There were a tremendous amount of ups and downs I could not have imagined but the growth from these predicaments leaves me to wander the world with a poise bursting with dignity. All in all I walked away staying true to myself and that is more than I could have hoped for. Losing yourself during college can happen to the best of us.

I know many people who spend all their time on impressing people they don’t like. There are those people who waste day after day talking about what’s going on in other people’s lives and I always wonder WHY? Why do you care? You do not speak to them or care for their well being so why is it of such great interest to you? Frankly, I get bored around girls who do this constantly and that will explain to you why I don’t have many girl friends. I choose to stay away from girls like this who spend so much time making fun of others. We ARE in college right? In all honesty these sorts of people are a joke and when I do have to be near them I’m laughing on the inside. Let’s just say I laughed a lot through college.