As graduation looms around the corner I am not delving into my frivolous yesteryears but rather using every subconscious particle in my mind, body, and soul to take in every present moment and just be; while simultaneously looking forward to the future of course as practicality always plays a key in survival.

Regardless of the many events that have changed and shaped me, a large part of my soul remains the same. This part is my humanely instinct to “fit in.” Cliche alert: Personally, the worst feeling is when I am standing in a room full of people feeling completely alone. My one desire is not to actually fit in because I know lot’s of people who feel the way I do, but that people were more open, loving, and content with not belonging. It’s alright to not be part of a clique. Embrace it. Be unique and love yourself. Yes, I realize I said it’s the worst feeling but to accept it (hypocricy). This is because I am working on accepting it myself. I am capable of jumping into the bandwagon, but no matter how hard I force myself to I don’t want to. I just don’t. I have here and there for a few days at a time….It was torture. Pretending to like what other girls are saying, and what they’re wearing….why would you want to live like that?

I see the next chapter of my life as a chance to revitalize my soul. AKA “To do me.” I vow to open the windows to my soul farther than I have ever before…and embrace the martian (cudi jokes). I want to use my time away from the familiar to find myself on another level. Ready, set, here we go.

Found this on yahoo and wanted to share:

hhhhmmm, once our basic needs are met (food , shelt and warmth ) our next most full filling desire is to share our lives with others. people tend to be herd animals. our spirituality gives us a set of guidelines to direct us to a more full-filling human experience with all that surrounds us.