Why I left Facebook

I have been meaning to right this blog for a year now. I hesitated for some reason, but this weekend as I expressed my thoughts at lunch with some friends they jokingly said I should write a book about it. I’m no novelist, but I figured that was a sign from the universe to write this blog. It is hard to capture my scrambled thoughts on Facebook in an organized pattern so please bare with me.

I created a Facebook account around 2006 or 2007. My memory fails me but I believe I was 16 years of age. My older friend told me to make one and I was indeed getting tired of MySpace. I was one of the first few kids in my high school to make an account and the site has just opened its doors to the public vs. college-only students.

As a teenager, I thoroughly enjoyed the praise and admiration I would receive through comments on my pictures and wall posts. It was a world where I felt so very liked, popular, and powerful; something most young girls secretly want to have. At that young of an age it created an illusion that I had everything made and I would unknowingly check my Facebook notifications to make myself feel better.

In December 2011 I was studying for finals. Studying in college can also be described as reading notes, and then repeatedly checking Facebook. My best friend who I was studying with brought up the idea of deactivating our Facebook accounts. I had deactivated it before a few times but no more than 2-3 days at a time. I thought about it and couldn’t believe that I had had a Facebook account for 5 straight years. The amount of time I must have spent on it, and for what? I had hindered my growth in several ways; creatively, academically, and believe it or not, socially. I left my account deactivated for all of finals week (shocker). I felt a newfound and extremely profound freedom. It was a feeling of escape. No one knew what/how I was doing, where I was going, who I was with and I loved it. So what began as a few weeks turned into a few months at which time I deleted my account permanently. It was like a break-up. I couldn’t half-a** it. I had to go full throttle and pull the plug to feel like I had made a great escape. I grew up on spiritual books, all about knowing yourself, exploring your mind and improving your thoughts. That is why after archiving old photos I permanently deleted my Facebook of 5 years.

In 2012 I created an account twice for 2-3 days and couldn’t stand it. I made a Facebook because it was my senior year of college and I do admit at time I felt out of the loop and many of my friends told me I should make an account. Each time I felt my peace of mind was being sacrificed so I quickly deleted it. Also, each time I created one drama would start. Girls would think I deleted them off my original account and would complain to other girls. I thought it was ridiculous how seriously people were taking it.

Just a few weeks ago in 2013 I was told to create a Facebook account for an important event I was volunteering for. I did not want to be a nuisance to the person in charge and ask him to send me everything individually as he already had a lot on his plate. Approximately 23 days now and I am able to delete it I am hesitating to leave because it has been easier to communicate with all the friends I have made during this event. However, my peace of mind comes first and I know me having a Facebook won’t determine whether I stay friends with the truest people I have in my life.

I have read several articles since deleting Facebook and find them fascinating and insightful. One article pointed out that Facebook is “virtual clutter” for the mind. The spiritual books I once read told me to let go of ego. Facebook makes peoples ego’s climb through the roof without them even knowing it. Once I took a step back and evaluated my life in the last year I realized I had grown out of Facebook like I would a pair of jeans. My maturity had surpassed the confinements of the social media site. Facebook might be for some people so I don’t look down on those who choose to use it is not for me.

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P.S. Even spellcheck turns facebook into Facebook. That’s how big it has become.

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2 thoughts on “Why I left Facebook

  1. Nice post! I like your conversational tone. There’s one thing I regret- when I did it, it was such a whim, I didn’t think to save any pictures!!! Oh well. Haha. Anyways, thanks for the blog reference :)

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