1) No electronics before bed. No iPod touch, phone, or computer as a means of mindless entertainment before bed. I want to allow room in my mind for it to delve into every thought it can possibly have before drowsing off.

2) Balance my mind, body, and soul. I have steadily gotten used to relieving stress by working out. It’s a euphoric feeling. Running is the best high there is. Those cross country runners in high school were right. However, I would like to spend more time balancing my mind and soul. Soul was lost as the years went by and mind hasn’t had much time to develop beyond school and social concerns. Since this year has started I have spent time consciously stopping any negative thoughts that come across my mind. I recognize it, and pause the thought ans ask myself “Why?” Why am I having this negative thought? In the grand scheme of things it is not good to send negative vibes into the universe. Ever since i have been being more positive minded towards not only myself and others around me I have been a happier person. It is not rocket science but it is actually difficult to execute


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