Barnes & Noble(s)?

Coffee shops, and study spots inspire me to blog because I’m cliche. It is senior year and I am having the time of my life for various reasons. I have class Monday-Wednesday. Can you say 4 day weekend? Life is good. I thought this would leave significant time to study but instead I tend to become lazy and unmotivated. Note to self, get a job on campus to optimize time management skills. Anyways, I couldn’t have any better luck at this point in terms of roommates, or friends. I realize outsiders assume obnoxious things about me and I am finally at a point where I honestly don’t care. I would say I could care less, but I never really understood that saying haha. So life’s like this, I go to class, hang out with friends, study alone because that is the only way I can be truly productive. The best part about senior year is being able to FINALLY go to the bars & have a blast without drinking mind you since I finally have the TIME to. Yes, I’m living and breathing every moment here at Michigan State because I can already feel the best times of my life slipping through my fingers. Not saying life will be a bust after this, but I can tell you this year is already as epic as I was hoping it to be and I can only see it getting better. That is my choice. I have to make up for last year obviously. My health issues continue, but it only makes me appreciate life even more. The simple things in life are perfect by the way…..the little dog the lady next to me was hiding in her jacket, the 3 yr old boy who was flirting with me for a good 5 minutes, & the 2 middle-aged women who were justifying themselves for eating a piece of red velvet cheesecake because they were sharing it. Yes, life is good. I hate the cold still, so my top priority after graduation is to get the heck out of Michigan. I know I’m ready for the world, I just hope it’s ready for me ;p