What better time to write than finals week…

It is finals week of fall semester of my Junior Year at MSU. I am trying to concentrate on studying but I’d rather update my blog. It’s much more appealing. I will be in California in a week for my 21’st birthday and Christmas. I am beyond excited because I have always dreamed of going there. This visit will help me determine if I want to someday move there or not. In any case I would prefer getting out of MI. I deleted my Facebook and boy does it feel great! I feel free and I hope I can resist the urge forever. There are several reasons I deactivated it but I won’t bore you with those details because I could go on forever. Twitter is not as addicting or harmful for me so I am keeping that. I went to Chicago last month. It just so happened that the day I went to Michigan Ave. there was the Thanksgiving Day Parade. The lights and excitement on the little children’s faces was delightful. There was fireworks at the navy pier and I had an okay time riding the swing ride. I say okay because the mixture of rain,wind, and going around in circles made me want to throw up by the end. I have developed a weak stomach. Anyways, I’m going to get back to studying.


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