End of summer 2011

I tend to want to blog when I am supposed to be studying for finals. Statistics 315 at the moment. I am extremely excited for the school year to start. Why? Because I am going to be taking 16 credits? Sure. A challenge excites me. More than that, I have had so much time to myself this summer that I want everyone to come back. I am especially excited to find a summer internship though. Ideally, outside of Michigan but I’ll take what I can get.


Can it be done?

They say it takes twice as long to get over a person as you dated them. I say it takes half the time. Approximately a year later but it feels like forever ago. The amount of growth, the character built, the various experiences were all worthwhile. Never could I imagine being so content with myself at this point in life but it couldn’t be any better. Life could take me anywhere at this very moment and I would gladly go for a ride because no one is stopping me. Not knowing where or who I’ll end up with is exciting and I live for excitement. The first few months were the toughest but after that I pulled myself together and became much stronger. Weakness is not an option when you realize you deserve better and can do better. With dance as an outlet and homework to keep me occupied I plowed through the semester finishing off stronger than any other time in my life. A friendship was tested and pushed to the limit but that is now stronger than ever before and I know now that it will always remain that way. I have had a summer to myself. To reflect. To reflect on the decisions I have been making, people I used to be surrounded by, and my eyes are open to a new world where I will reach all the goals I strive for. Never again will I change to please others. I feel free in every way a person can be free. Yes, that line was totally stolen from titanic. Goodnight all.