Words are powerful. The power comes from the words I choose and the order in which I place them. Captivation, seduction, power, and money… It’s all part of my strategic plan of taking over the world. Just kidding.

New York with my KJ was amazing. My KJ is a punjabi girl who’s the bomb. We camped out from 2 am-5 am on the streets of Manhattan for the Harry Potter Premiere. I forgot my tent at home so we tried sleeping on a thin sheet but the hard floor could not be shielded enough to let us sleep for even a minute. 5 am everyone that was part of the giant wizard slumber party started lining up against the barrier. So there we stood in the heat until 5 pm when the stars finally started showing up. People were getting heat strokes and passing out left and right. Camera men were running around getting interviews. We were not lucky enough to get wristbands but while camping out we met a few cool people and the experience was amazing. My camera died as Daniel stepped out of the car and I literally started crying. It was the heat, lack of sleep, and frustration. I mean, I did go all the way to London a few years ago to try and see him then too. While waiting at the barriers a big girl took my KJs spot and started pushing against me to get me out of the way. Not cool. Everyone around me started telling her to stop and of course I finally told her to stop too. It was intense. It’s annoying to see people who just got here a few hours ago get wristbands to go next to the stars on the red carpet when you stayed there all night and get stuck standing across the street with NYC traffic blocking your view. So the next day we didn’t sleep again and decided to go to the Live with Regis and Kelly show to get stand by tickets to the show Daniel was going to be in. We didn’t. But we got into the next show with Lisa Kudrow from Friends. We had left Brooklyn at 3 am, arrived at 5 am and stood in the freezing cold until 10 am. We were one of the first few in line but as we were entering the building the people who had just arrived got to see Daniel leaving. They later came in bragging about the pictures and autographs they had gotten. They even got to hug him. Just my luck. Warner Bro’s ruined my chances of seeing him at the premiere and then this. Daniel Radcliffe should be making a personal appearance at my house after all the effort I put in to seeing him. I literally went halfway around the world for you Daniel. Either way, it was such a fun time. My KJ and I hung out with my friend from Troy in Time Square and ate some NYC pizza. We also hit Long Island beach with KJ’s friend. We missed the first train and had issues on the way back (cough cough) HAHA. On the first day we ate at a Diner in Brooklyn called Dizzy’s. It had pictures of creepy babies all over the place but I like babies. Even if they look creepy. They also had muffins with bits of orange on one side. Delectable!



Keep Calm and Carry On

I suppose the road will always feel endless. The important thing is to muster the courage to not end it but to keep walking, floating, dancing. On, and on. The scenery is constantly changing. Everything get’s emptier. Not by chance, but because I have lost the strength to create a world filled with companions. As I continue walking I see myself tarnished by the challenges of life and embedded in my arm is a word. That word is “remember.” In past reincarnations I usually forgot what I was supposed to remember, but third time’s a charm. At least I hope it is.