London Fog

It’s been two years since I was in England but I never actually got around to writing about it. So here goes.

I arrived at an airport in London mid-July ready to embark on a life changing journey. I believe international travel has the power to do that. The first question the security guard asked me was, “Where are you going?” I replied to my aunt and uncles house. He then asked for the address. Blimey. I had no idea. Thankfully my mother had scribbled it on a small sheet of paper last second before I left the U.S. ####### Lichester. He took one look at that scrap of paper and laughed. Apparently it’s pronounced Lester! My mistake. I’m just a stupid American to him, but thankfully he let me through with no more high stress questions. lol Those guards always make me nervous.

Round about after round about after round about. That’s all London is made of nowadays. Everything in Leicester and other busy cities in the UK is extremely small and compact.

A few nights I climbed out of my bedroom window and looked across the backyards and felt the cool breeze glide through my pajamas. I laid down and looked at the sunset. I felt more alive than ever.

view from my window

I roamed London once with my aunt, uncle, and a good friend of theirs ( another uncle ). My flip flops slipped with every step I took because of course it was raining. I awed at everything in sight. Yes I had seen pictures but nothing could have prepared me for the amount of beauty that was right in front of my very eyes. Later that day we went to Leicester square for the Harry Potter premiere. It started pouring harder than ever. I ran into a racist woman but let’s not go on about that. I told my aunt and uncle they could wait in a nearby shop due to the heavy wind and rain so that left me,myself,and I to push through the crowd to take a good look at the cast. I got a blurry picture with Oliver Phelps ( digital camera got ruined in the rain), and an autograph from both of the twins. I saw Dan from far away as well as Emma. What an incredible day.

The next time I went to London I went alone. I stopped by platform 9 3/4. No, I don’t have a problem wandering around alone, and as you can imagine I Certainly don’t have a problem going to the bathroom alone unlike most girls. Basically, I could work the whole underground tube system alone and I think that’s a plus. (Mind the Gap underwear were all over the place;) ) I met up with my friend Karen Xavier and her family there. We had some pizza, visited Madame Tussuads, and a few other attractions in London. I had taken a train there but nearly missed the train back to Leicester because several parts of the tube system had shut down. Canary, I think it was. Yes. Luckily, I just made it.

Now this part I will remember forever. A man who looked like santa clause sat across from me on the train. He was drinking some Irish booze and started talking to me so I politely responded. He went on to tell me his lief story. He told me he lives alone and his dog is his everything. He told me about how he rides around in his bicycle in the countryside. Then things got a little strange. I told him how I am a big fan of harry potter and he said he used to love reading. He said he loved reading Lord of the Rings and such stories but his psychiatrist told him he was not allowed to read books because he believed they were real. Interesting ride back….

The other parts of my trip I went shopping with my aunt, attended an Indian fair in Leicester, hit up a club, and much more. Basically, I love England and I can’t wait to go back and visit!!!



There are some people in the world that you can’t do anything about. You try to get through to them, to make amends, but they are just rotten to the core. Being a genuinely nice person does bring a lot of pain, however, that is the path I choose to take no matter what. When you know you have made an honest effort, and been truthful your soul is content and you don’t need anyone approval from anyone else. I really like the saying “Never explain yourself. Your friends don’t need it, and your enemies won’t believe it.” How very true.