Balle Balle

The MSU Bhangra Team was definitely a main outlet for stress for me this year.

Hip-hop saved your life? Well, bhangra saved mine. It was an experience I could never regret. The girls are all truly amazing and wonderfully unique in their own ways.

Bela with her jokes that no one gets but her( and me 30 minute later),

Samy with her exquisite, classy, yet mother-like persona,

Bavneet with the personality that everyone adores,

Shivani with her great ideas (killer intro video because of this girl),

Navmeet, the girl that puts a smile on your face and makes you laugh even on your darkest of days,

Raji with her incredible eyes and helpful words on stage that get you through till the end even when you think you’re not going to make it,

Shuhbi, the sweet one who has your back no matter what,

Minjel, the girl you will always have a crazy fun time with (and damn shortie can rock them hips)

Sharmilla with her incredible leadership skills and motivational speeches that encourage you to do your best,

Sweety, with her awesome dance skills, outgoing personality (it’s CIUS official) and open mind (you can talk to this girl about anything),

And finally Sumjit, with her admirable strength, and positive uplifting words that encourage you to get through anything life throws at you, appreciate everything you do have, and live in the moment.

Basically, these girls have changed how I perceive myself and others in a very positive way. I am a stronger person because of them and have acquired a drive and motivation like nothing I have ever felt before. And for that, I would do anything for them. Thank you girls for an amazing season. I love each and every one of you ❤


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