Swimming in Stars

The clouds take over the sky

This is the last goodbye

All that remains is lingering hope

There’s no possibility she can cope

The stars once sparkled with pride

The heavens tried to guide

She feels the rain pour down hard on her

But she is the one who caused the storm

The Gods  had warned her that once it began it wouldn’t stop

These are the ways of the celestial clock

The black hole is willingly taking lives tonight

She begs and pleads for one last try

So here she is,

Drowning in the clouds rather than swimming in the sea of stars


Balle Balle

The MSU Bhangra Team was definitely a main outlet for stress for me this year.

Hip-hop saved your life? Well, bhangra saved mine. It was an experience I could never regret. The girls are all truly amazing and wonderfully unique in their own ways.

Bela with her jokes that no one gets but her( and me 30 minute later),

Samy with her exquisite, classy, yet mother-like persona,

Bavneet with the personality that everyone adores,

Shivani with her great ideas (killer intro video because of this girl),

Navmeet, the girl that puts a smile on your face and makes you laugh even on your darkest of days,

Raji with her incredible eyes and helpful words on stage that get you through till the end even when you think you’re not going to make it,

Shuhbi, the sweet one who has your back no matter what,

Minjel, the girl you will always have a crazy fun time with (and damn shortie can rock them hips)

Sharmilla with her incredible leadership skills and motivational speeches that encourage you to do your best,

Sweety, with her awesome dance skills, outgoing personality (it’s CIUS official) and open mind (you can talk to this girl about anything),

And finally Sumjit, with her admirable strength, and positive uplifting words that encourage you to get through anything life throws at you, appreciate everything you do have, and live in the moment.

Basically, these girls have changed how I perceive myself and others in a very positive way. I am a stronger person because of them and have acquired a drive and motivation like nothing I have ever felt before. And for that, I would do anything for them. Thank you girls for an amazing season. I love each and every one of you ❤


I don’t know what it is about astronomy but every single thing about it fascinates me. I recently went on a 22 hour long road trip from Michigan to Florida with the MSU bhangra girls and a few other people. We slept the almost the whole way back because we were so exhausted from the trip. I was trying to get as comfortable as possible with my head against the window. When I went to turn over I looked up and saw the most beautiful sight of stars. We were in an area with minimal city lights and the stars were glowing like little night lights. A smile stretched across my face and I felt like I had the world in the palm of my hands. I stared at the stars for about 15 minutes and with every passing minute I grew happier and happier.


I don’t enjoy documentaries. In fact, I’m easily bored by any educational television. “The Universe” is an exception. All the information is so interesting. I’m in an astronomy class and lab this semester and have never been more interested in a class in my life. I had to skip a few lectures due to traveling with the bhangra team. Never did I imagine being upset about missing a class. I went to see the same planetarium show on campus twice last year. I enjoyed it that much.

When I was growing up I wanted to be several things. A singer (I’m tone-deaf), an engineer (To follow the footsteps of my father), a princess (My name IS Jasmine), but those career interests lasted only a few months as the most. For years, I wanted to be an astronomer. In 6’th grade I made a journal of the phases of the moon. I would draw sketches of how the moon appeared before bed. I’d stare out the window whenever the moon was out for years, and then I’d leave the curtains open so I could be fully immersed in the moonlight. When my curtains weren’t open I would be smiling at the glow-in-the-dark stars on my ceiling. I can’t explain why but something about the universe makes me giddy.

My parents being Indian and all would make me read math and science books over the summer. Maybe that’s why I hate math and science with a passion and fell behind in the basics. I refused to learn because of my teenage ego. Anyways, the only books I remember enjoying reading were astronomy books. Sure the Theory of Relativity wasn’t my favorite but the idea of worm holes was fascinating. I remember reading about black holes. The book said that if a person were to jump into a black hole they would be stretched out like a piece of spaghetti. What came to my mind as a child? “Why hasn’t anyone tried it? Why doesn’t someone who wants to commit suicide do it by jumping into a black hole because who knows, they might just go through a worm hole into a different world. “Now wouldn’t that be something. I used to have this gigantic astronomy book that had everything about everything about the Universe. It was literally half my size. I used to take it with me on the bus sometimes and read it on my way to school.

Pictures of the universe are by far the most beautiful things I have ever seen. My ideal birthday present? A telescope. Why I haven’t gotten one yet or bought one for myself I don’t know….Basically I’m a business major but my passion is astronomy so hopefully I can get my hands on some astronomy research work.