Swimming in Stars

We could be swimming in stars, floating in the milky way, napping in a nebula but all we do is get sucked into black holes. We see the veins in leaves and the dirt on people’s noses rather than admire the water droplets and freckles. There must come a time when we tear down our walls but who knows how long that may take for some of us. I remember being able to completely immerse myself in paintings as a child. We had a painting in our dining room of a meadow with a little stream and flowers. I’d put myself in it quite a bit. Now it’s the same with music. Always a great escape. Everything was more exhilarating as a child. Books, movies, and playing outside. Life was such a rush back then. Just being and enjoying the simple things in life came so easy. Life itself was a drug. Now people use drugs to attempt to reach that point since they can’t seem to do it on their own. It’s sad to think about, but pretty accurate.


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