Brave New World?

Our vision has been clouded effortlessly by the vast amounts of technology running our everyday lives. While driving back home from Ann Arbor this morning I was asking my friend to text for me since I was driving.(Please drink and drive before you think about text-ing and driving because that way at least you will be LOOKING at the road). I stated how I would never have internet on my phone now or in the future. Call me old-fashion but I miss simplicity. Being a business student this may be a downfall but I would not be happy constantly connected to the “brave new world” in which we live today. Any who, my friend said “I love having internet on my phone because sometimes I get bored.” Well honestly people. Come on. It’s healthy to know how to survive the treachery of boredom. Our lack of appreciation for the world around us seems to have decreased drastically and it’s a shame because people around us are much more engaging than the people you feel connected to online. First it was the problem of feeling connected to people online. It is an unrealistic relationship in my opinion. There are several negative factors that emerge from the internet as you might already know. Well don’t just know. I challenge you to do something about it. “Facebook is the new cause of divorce.” Facebook and other social networking sites cause feelings of loneliness, depression, and anxiety. Well yeah. People post status’s about all the wonderful things that happen in their lives and it is going to cause you to feel worse about your own “miserable life.” Now it has come to the point of ignoring our present company to text or chat with someone online. Really now? That’s the one that always irks me. I’m in front of you. Pay attention to me. It’s common courtesy not want for attention. People back in the day used to talk to each other rather than having their eyes glued to a screen and typing on some keyboard. Does anyone remember that?



Oceanlab-I am what I am

i know you’ve read so many books. you’ve got your own homegrown philosophy. it works for you but please don’t try to make it work for me. i just need you to know me, just know who i am. i know you feel you need to prove that you are good in simply everything you to try to do and people hang on your every word that you deliver with conviction though they may just be absurd. leave your armor behind, free your vulnerable mind ❤

Swimming in Stars

We could be swimming in stars, floating in the milky way, napping in a nebula but all we do is get sucked into black holes. We see the veins in leaves and the dirt on people’s noses rather than admire the water droplets and freckles. There must come a time when we tear down our walls but who knows how long that may take for some of us. I remember being able to completely immerse myself in paintings as a child. We had a painting in our dining room of a meadow with a little stream and flowers. I’d put myself in it quite a bit. Now it’s the same with music. Always a great escape. Everything was more exhilarating as a child. Books, movies, and playing outside. Life was such a rush back then. Just being and enjoying the simple things in life came so easy. Life itself was a drug. Now people use drugs to attempt to reach that point since they can’t seem to do it on their own. It’s sad to think about, but pretty accurate.