Because fake friends

You’re as fake as my ex-boyfriend but at least he was straight up about being a prick. Even my last fling told me he’d never be the kind of guy to buy a girl a ring. You were just looking to sting. And I was the kind of naïve you were looking for. You practically held open the doors. You listened to the hurt and pain and hugged me like we were one in the same. Guess to you it’s all just a game. But who am I to give you the blame? Just keep your lips away from my name. And stop telling people I’m insane -J.K. Mann @keep_calm_mann

Be on your merry way

Where do you start? How do you try and clear your name when he already has his mind made up? You can’t pick and choose what others want to believe. You have no control over the garbage that enters his ear. You never did, and you never will. It took me months to realize how crazy I must’ve seemed to him based on their lies. To him it was my words and actions on top of their exaggerations. My actions and their words made for an ultimate disaster. I couldn’t have made him run away any faster. Then I remembered it all happens for a reason. Someone who knows the real me wouldn’t believe them. Why was I trying to defend myself any way? I knew the truth, and people will always have some shit to say. If he wasn’t willing to give you a chance to clear your name then who the hell cares. Be on your way.–J.K. Mann @keep_calm_mann