Coward to Love

Aren’t you tired baby? You’ve been playing these games for months.
Denying yourself of everything you want in order to get a fresh start. Now is that really how you wanna play it? One of us had to say it. You got there first and I guess that’s why I’ve been holding on for so long when I know it’s wrong. It’s not my fault you don’t believe in loyalty in this day and age, it’s whoever planted that seed. I can’t blame you…just know I could give you everything you want and need. Seems like everyone’s raving about their independence but going about it all wrong. They think having no one is the only way to become strong. I know how badly you want to be like the rest of them, I know you want to be the best of them. But you need to understand life’s here and the next second it’s gone. Why are you holding back and pushing your luck? Because of you, we’re both stuck. Admit it. You’re just a coward to love. -Jasmine Mann @Keep_Calm_Mann

The Look

Please stop giving me that look. You know that makes me lose control, the way your eyes pierce my soul. You know I’m trying to move on for your sake. After all, you’re the one who wanted a break. I don’t need you hindering the process with your sweet smirk. God, you’ve got some self control.I want you so bad. But you’re the one that gave up on everything we could have had. You might not regret it now but maybe someday you will…and when you do I will be thanking you for cutting me loose. -Jasmine Mann @Keep_Calm_Mann

Theory of Relativity

“Your life is so interesting” he said. Where and when did this happen? How did the small town girl turn into a city girl? Where did the days of monotony go? She spent her life in the mitten going to the movies, or occupying the local diner with her friends dreaming of life in paradise…Now every weekend was a dazzling whirlwind of adventures, from hiking, to shows, to fine dining, and dancing the night away in some of the world’s most famous clubs. She was high on life but as Newton said, “what goes up, must come down.”  It was the Theory of Relativity and she was a firm believer. The only difference this time was that she realized life would not stop even if hers did…She no longer held her breath for any of those dreadful moments to come. -Jasmine Mann @Keep_Calm_Mann

Red Flags

You can’t make anyone change. No matter how badly you want them to. No matter how much time you let pass. There are some people who would rather lie than tell the truth because their fear of the consequences of telling the truth far outweigh the conscience or lack thereof. The ironic part is that the truth always comes out. Especially in this day and age of technology, social media, and the need to share everything.

At first, they will be charming, sweet, and you will fall under their spell. No one has ever made you this happy before though so you are blinded and believe it is the real deal. Strangely enough you might have a few nightmares that they are cheating on you after only hanging out with them a couple times but you just brush those dreams off. You ignore your gut feeling that something is wrong. Let me tell you something, if it’s too good to be true, IT IS.

You continue getting closer and fall for them even harder. I mean why not? They have your family and friends convinced with their charismatic charm as well. Everything will look perfect to outsiders but your seemingly happy relationship will take a turn for the worse. They will cheat and lie on several different occasions without ever feeling the need to come clean. When you catch them red-handed they will continue to deny everything and make up more lies to cover things up until they finally give in. At this point they will put on a show where they cry and act extremely sorry and beg for forgiveness and the biggest lie of all they will never lie to you again. You are dealing with a pathological liar.

They are more manipulative than you could have ever imagined. You are dealing with a bi-polar person.

Another tactic this person uses is using your weaknesses to lower your self-esteem and make you feel cut off from the world. It is okay if they have friends but if you choose to try and spend time with other people they will make you feel guilty and get angry at you. They will tell you you’re the one to be blamed, and when you finally act up because you’ve had enough they will say you’re overreacting. Their friends might see you finally get upset and assume you are full of drama but really no one knows the whole story and you are just fed up. They are a hypocrite in every sense and you my friend, are dealing with a sociopath.

Moving forward, they may become verbally, mentally, and physically abusive. It does not matter if it happens once or twice out of anger and they apologize later because you know damn well that it’s not the values you grew to accept. You were raised better than that, stronger than that. You will finally get to a point where every day feels like a living hell and have no one to turn to. There is too much that has happened and it is hard to explain. You break-up with them a few times only to forgive them and after another couple lies you have officially had it. You know they will try and pull you back in but you hope and pray you are strong enough to pull away even though you are in a state with no family and friends. It is a cold and lonely world. – Jasmine Mann @Keep_Calm_Mann

Fallback Game

Tell me you cut me off for all the wrong reasons. I want to know you are capable of treason.Tell me you’re a selfish jerk with only your desires and interests in mind. Tell me this so I no longer think you’re kind. Say it was all about being with as many girls as possible. Tell me this so I can walk past the line that seems uncrossable.

For Christs sake, open up to me and tell me what’s going through your head. Tell me how you want to take the entire town to bed. Tell me it had nothing to do with me because I believe you care about me, even if slightly. But that is my reality and I need you to change that for me. It’s that much harder to move forward when my mind is telling me you have a good heart. Because the way you ignore me must be your way of protecting me from getting hurt.

If my reality is accurate then I guess I should thank you for having my best interest at heart as well as yours. Now it’s about time I closed the doors.

Who are you?

I don’t even recognize you anymore.

Dust off your books and fall in love with those captivating words that once took you worlds away.

There isn’t anything left for you here my dear.

You’ve already opened your eyes to reality…Now digest it and try not to throw it back up.

I know you’re disgusted at what makes the world go round but you don’t have a voice in that.

You’re restless for consistency but consistency is what makes you restless.

There has to be another road to happiness.

Dead ends around every corner and you’re a one man show.