Castle Walls

I spend my days swinging from a tree over the seven seas. There’s nowhere to go but up from here. I am untouchable thanks to the souls I have encountered. The devils are here on Earth and I have looked them in the eyes. I have gone to hell and back and for that reason I will … Continue reading Castle Walls


I suppose it takes a certain type of event to really make you step back and reassess your life. An experience. The kind of experience that takes you to the edge of your sanity. That is the only kind of event that opened my eyes up. Naive, trusting, open all come to mind. In my eyes … Continue reading Journey

Good Vibes

Each person we meet truly serves a purpose in shaping our lives. If our thoughts really vibrate into the universe and leave us with just that then why can I not force positivity? True moments of happiness are rare. Every time I feel joy I try so hard to hold on to it that it … Continue reading Good Vibes