Swimming In Stars

The Story of a Small Town Girl Living in a City World


I feared one day I would give in and conform to what is expected of me both socially and culturally. I never did, and I realize now more than ever … Continue reading

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Why you should always fall in love with your best friend….

This may not be true for all healthy relationships but in most I believe it to be true. I think it is highly important to not go looking for love and let … Continue reading

April 15, 2015 · 1 Comment

Note to Self

Do you. As much as possible. As often as possible. Don’t take others into account when making plans, or to keep you company. People will come and go out of … Continue reading

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Coachella Feels

Coachella was one of the most incredible life experiences and I am a little saddened to be coming back to reality because I was hoping being away would take certain … Continue reading

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Soulular Resonance

You were like my mirror. Once hopeful now damaged. Sweet but cynical. Reserved but a savage. Born prepared now ready for none of it. Heart of gold but what good … Continue reading

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Road Less Traveled

Let me start off by saying I love my parents….. Only when you are far away from the nest you realize just how much time and energy you spent trying … Continue reading

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Not an Intellect

I’m not an intellect. Not in the way the world wants me to be. My mind wanders through space and time. I have been trying to keep it under control … Continue reading

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