Mainfest Greatness

The very essence of our being stems from the universe. And they say the universe lies within us. Therefore, whatever we seek lies within us. Your thoughts, your prayers, your hopes, your fears. You manifest them all. So manifest greatness.-J.K. Mann @Keep_Calm_Mann

Halloween Horror

She ran into the cold night. He had an air of romance about everything right? And he never wanted her out of his sight. It was all good and well until it started going downhill. Deep down, at the end of the day she knew he never cared. In this very moment she was scared.He clasped his hands around her throat and tears ran down her cheeks as she started to choke. He caught his fault within seconds, let her go, then said, “I’m sorry, I love you, do you want to smoke?” as if it was all a joke.-J.K. Mann @Keep_Calm_Mann


If you’re going to disappear then take something from me I consider near and dear. Take something of value, or demoralize my worth. Do something that makes me lose your trust. But don’t make me fall in love and then walk away with no explanation when we both felt a sensation. –J.K. Mann @Keep_Calm_Mann