California Dreaming

Moving to California was something I dreamed about in high school. My high school resembled a jail. I mean I’m pretty sure it was one in the 1980’s. At least that’s what the rumors were. I was miserable half the time due to the weather alone, and the whole teenage angst thing. I remember saying to myself when walking to class, “Why am I not in California? Paradise….I’m going to make it there someday.” I did not apply to any jobs in Michigan because my intention was to get out. Getting a job here was written in the stars. California called my name and nothing felt more right than moving here even though at times I got home sick and I do miss my family each and every day. I was ready for this change though. California life is a lot more laid back. The work environment, the people, I mean you have to be laid back to put up with all that LA traffic right? This is the place for dreamers, and doers. There is always something exciting going on. Michigan is all movie theatres and malls. California is every outdoor activity you could imagine, as well indoor classes Michigan does not offer. I know because I checked. California is a health conscious state and that’s exactly the kind of lifestyle I want to lead. There are great people out here, but some stereotypes about the Beverly Hills snobs, and plastics, which is true. A lot more people here care about their looks and show off their money and throw big names around. I work a lot and am busy exploring on weekends so those people don’t phase me. Everyone else I have had the pleasure of meeting is welcoming, open minded and wonderful. I wouldn’t mind staying here although I do plan to travel around. I’m not sure my lungs could take all the smog, which is a downside I suppose. There is a lot more diversity in culture and people here compared to Michigan, which I really appreciate.

Rodeo Dr.

Rodeo Dr.

Joshua Tree National Park

Joshua Tree National Park


Good Vibes

Each person we meet truly serves a purpose in shaping our lives.

If our thoughts really vibrate into the universe and leave us with just that then why can I not force positivity?

True moments of happiness are rare. Every time I feel joy I try so hard to hold on to it that it only slips away faster. If only I learned to create it at all times. The thoughts I am emitting into the universe are not positive. I suppose I can begin to consciously be aware of my negative ones….

I could spend the whole day doing that to be completely honest.

Are your thoughts more negative or positive?

Pay attention for a few hours and you may just be surprised.




All experiences in this world are simply an illusion created by the universe. Relationships are a figment of our imagination. Brief moments we force our minds to believe the lie that we have friends. Friendship does not exist. That sounds negative seeing as I do have a couple close friends but those were rare finds. Even then, we are our own selfish individuals to some extent.

I have opened myself up to people multiple times only to find out their ulterior motive. It’s all about the gains. Selfishness. Most of my “friends” pretended to be my friends to make personal gains. I’m sure I’m guilty of doing this however, that is not what I consciously set out to do. Actually that’s a lie. Ask yourself this. Why do I want to have a friend? Because it makes us feel good right? It makes us happy. That answer right there proves we are all in it for something. Here I thought people were genuinly nice and welcoming. Silly ole me. We’re all playing into an illusion to create a sense of belonging. That is why, with a heavy heart, I say friendship does not exist.

My Top Spots in SoCal

If I ever have a friend in town this is where I take them. The best of the best in my opinion.


The Standard Hotel. Who doesn’t love a hip hotel with a rooftop pool? You don’t have to stay here to visit. Also, be cautious of private parties and cover charges on the weekends.




Runyon Canyon. Don’t just park anywhere or you’ll get a $73 ticket. It hurts.



Drive along PCH. That’s Pacific Coast Highway. Top down, and let the beauty of the moment take your breath away.





Enjoy a brunch with a view of the beach, or get a decedent chocolate soufflé in the evening. The soufflé pictured is from Off Vine located in Hollywood CA.



Surf City USA or Huntington Beach CA. Experience some of the best waves in the country or at least be a witness of the surf culture SoCal has to offer.




My number 1 favorite spot is hands down the Griffith Observatory. Pictures don’t do this justice at all. This is something I urge you to see in person. It’s like looking at a painting. Blows my mind every single time.


The nightlife in Cali is phenomenal as well. Blvd 3 on Sunset serves chocolate covered strawberries and fresh tacos. Supperclub and Playhouse on Hollywood blvd are very close and popular spots as well. I never run out of things to do in California. Thankful for the time I have had here so far.

Celestial Boomerang

The universe answers questions and let’s a few secrets escape unexpectedly. It answers questions you didn’t even ask and tells you tales that become your very own. My mind is open very wide now after what feels like an eternity. I think differently. We all do. Some in stranger ways than others. I’m thankful to be able to explore myself, and gracefully remove these layers. That is what makes me happy in life. I can’t explain the happiness I’m feeling, the bliss. I truly have a gypsy soul. I’ve always known this.

Drifting souls

Just as our thoughts and actions vibrate into the vast universe, others souls drift in and out of our lives moving, bending, and expanding our views.

I believe everything happens for a reason. Always have. It may be a brief moment in time. It could be one weekend or even one day. But that minuscule time in space can create a domino effect. This is why I like meeting new people.

It’s difficult making friends when you move to new places. I suggest finding connections through hobbies, cultural background, etc. After moving to California and meeting new people I have learned it truly does not matter how long you have known someone. You can feel just as close to people you just recently met if there is a connection. There is no minimum time requirement for creating bonds. Open your heart and let the world breathe you in.


What makes some people risk-takers and doers and not just dreamers? Is it solely based on how they were raised or is there something within their souls that is fearless?

I remember growing up I couldn’t decide what I wanted to be similar to most children. As I grew older I would ask others what they can picture me doing. None of my friends could give me an answer….

I have always been introspective and questioned my creativity. Maybe because I can’t sing, draw, or paint. I was easily able to write poetry at a younger age but have lost my ability to create metaphor after metaphor.

I have always wanted to be known. Not known for one thing but many. Poetry, modeling, astronomy, nutrition. I want to be a renaissance woman.

Why do I have a desire for success? I want to prove everyone who never believed in me wrong ( which is a bad reason), but most importantly I want to inspire the rest of the wall flowers.  Power: I guess a part of me wants power. Who doesn’t? But more of me wants to be content. I’m restless. I want to get in the habit of slowing down in life. I want to spend less time watching TV and more time learning about things that interest me. Be more productive.

That is all.